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The computer term “editor” usually referred to as text editor, is a software application that users use to produce or change plain text in computer files. The term is often used by Programmers that do things related to computer programming. Text editors are very good for coding because they help in completing words, highlighting syntax, […]
In our last blog post we discussed 4 things new bloggers need to know.  Today, we will be talking about proven ways to learn programming languages easily.  Disclaimer: We all have different learning techniques.  What’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander, so you study yourself and pick the best method […]
Who is a programmer? A computer programmer, also called a coder , is a person who creates computer software. There are two main types of computer programmers: 1. Web Programmers: These are the type of programmers who develop websites, web services and web applications. Their work can only be accessed through the use of internet. They are conversant […]
ASP.NET is an acronym for Active Server Pages and it is an Open-source web application (development framework for building dynamic web pages with its initial release on January 5, 2002 (version 1) and stable release on April 18, 2019 (version 4.8). It was developed by Microsoft and its filename extension include .aspx, .cshtml and .vbhtml. […]
by Chris Johnson @ www.Kolaberate.com April 20, 2014 Should you really upgrade your existing legacy application? there are many reasons to upgrade your existing ‘legacy’ applications. If I should list one of the major reasons to upgrade your existing legacy application, the main reason would be performance. Are your pages just taking forever to load? […]
1. Microsoft Azure Account You need an Azure account to get started before proceeding to install ssl certificate. You can sign up for free account at azure. You will get $200 USD credit. The $200 should last you for few months depending on how many apps you run. To use the free ssl, you need […]
This project was a mere fun project that came about because of a lack of forward planning in the design process. I had contended with the Business Analyst that this project would take a significant amount of time to finish, and that it may be more facile to have an uncomplicated control, like two list […]
I initially utilized the upload control for a simple upload only control on a form. And, that’s really what it is designated for. Nonetheless, I wanted it to operate in a sort of ‘Batch Mode’. What I was trying to affirm by that is to just upload the files to the web internet browser itself, […]
Implementing an AutoComplete Control on ASP.NET Core using Telerik Have you ever thought of having an “autocomplete” solution that would allow users to type any value in for their username search, and not have the web app returns so much data that it slows down the app. So, the way out I had formerly worked […]
We wanted to include a menu component that is dynamically generated depending on the parameters and current route while creating our latest web application.  I looked into the idea of partials in ASP.NET Core, also if  these are really perfect for reusing static markup, they’re not so perfect for building dynamic, data-driven content like a […]