About Us

Kolaberate Software is a Custom Software developer and provider of Robust Web, Desktop and Database solutions. Kolaberate Software has the ability to help you solve IT issues in all environments, from the web, to the mobile device to the desktop.

Custom Development

We create desktop applications and Websites. Developed under C#.NET, Java, C++ and SharePoint, our software is robust, secure and powerful. Kolaberate Software will save you time in your business. Data Analytics are key to Information Technology. We create powerful database and Business Intelligence solutions using Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Looking for Web Development or Hosting?

We have our own servers We have created applications for hundreds of clients. We also have our own powerful servers at: https://www.powhost.com We can customize any server setup, and we have 24/7/365 in-house support. We never outsource any of our development or support, to keep our quality high.

Looking for Experience?

We have a combined 20+ years of experience in the industry. Work with a highly reputable and ethically sound company for all your development needs.

Looking for Business Analytics?

We have delivered Business Analytics solutions for a number of leading companies including BC Hydro, Industrial Alliance, Rio Tinto Mining, and the government of British Columbia. Using a combination of MS Sharepoint, SQL Server, and Power View, we can deliver an effective Data Warehouse / Business Analytics solution in a short period of time.


How we work

At Kolaberate Software we help you build connected and adaptable systems that enable you to maximize your business potential. Our team of experts provide design, implementation, and support expertise to enhance the way you develop, deploy, and manage applications to run your business. Leveraging the flexible and scalable Microsoft® Application Platform, we help you align IT with your business goals to increase speed to market and improve your business all around. Our experts can help you: 1) Connect your systems, processes, people, and information more easily. 2) Gain increased visibility and insight into projects while increasing IT agility and responsiveness to your business needs. 3) Realize greater business value with widely adopted tools and industry-leading price-for-performance solutions that work the way you want and need them to. We bring the expertise to help you optimize your application platform today, along with a solid foundation to advance your business well into the future. Today’s Globalization creates a need to increase productivity in businesses and to improve quality. Automation is key in the development of efficient solutions. Kolaberate Software was founded based on the premises that information technology is a must for every business. After carefully assessing your needs Kolaberate Software plans for your success using strategic planning, Kolaberate Software has started to develop its own methodology for quickly bringing quality solutions to the customer. Assessing these needs, Kolaberate Software decided to join the Microsoft(TM) partner program. This will surely bring unique opportunities, and more innovation for our customers.