Azure Devops Pipeline Deployment of .NET Web App and SQL Server database to IIS: Login to Azure Devops at: Click on Pipelines on the lefthand column Click on New pipeline on the top right corner: Your screen would then look like this: Click ‘Use the classic editor Select the Repo and Branch from Azure… (0 comment)

Moving from ASP.NET MVC to TypeScript
By Chris Johnson @ This article is about finally breaking dependence on a Version of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, and moving towards an open sourced based MVC framework such as Angular JS. I have to admit that I was asking a lot of questions about why we need to break away from using ASP.NET as… (0 comment)

Hiring for performance vs. skills
By Chris Johnson @ This article is essentially part 2 of my last award winning article on ‘Hiring a Great programmer’. This time I want to delve into the non-technical side of hiring a developer, (or for almost any position that is critical to your organization’s success.) Though most managers understand the importance of… (0 comment)

Integrating SharePoint with OutSystems
By Chris Johnson @ Integrating SharePoint with Out Systems Introduction This article is about accessing your Office 365 SharePoint application via the SharePoint API to fetch or update its resources specifically using REST API services from OutSystems. You are probably reading this article because you want to get access to your existing company intranet,… (9 comments)