Azure Devops Pipeline Deployment of .NET Web App and SQL Server database to IIS: Login to Azure Devops at: Click on Pipelines on the lefthand column Click on New pipeline on the top right corner: Your screen would then look like this: Click ‘Use the classic editor Select the Repo and Branch from Azure… (0 comment)

Upgrading your ASP.NET WebForms app performance
by Chris Johnson @ April 20, 2014 There are many reasons to upgrade your existing ‘legacy’ applications. One of the main reasons would be performance. Are your pages just taking too long to load? Is every form submit taking more than a few seconds to respond? Users will usually get frustrated at this, especially… (1 comment)

Moving from ASP.NET MVC to TypeScript
By Chris Johnson @ This article is about finally breaking dependence on a Version of Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, and moving towards an open sourced based MVC framework such as Angular JS. I have to admit that I was asking a lot of questions about why we need to break away from using ASP.NET as… (0 comment)

Debugging ASP.NET Core applications within IIS
I have been working with ASP.NET core for a while now and always missed the direct IIS support in Visual Studio. Having to remember to spin up the project to start IIS express is a bit of a nuisance. When developing software, we want the actual debugging and run processes to be as automated as… (6 comments)

Creating a Side Menu for ASP.NET Core using a View Component
While developing our new web application, we wanted to add a menu component that is dynamically generated based on the current route and parameters. I initially looked into the concept of partials in ASP.NET Core, and while these are great for reusing static markup, they’re not so great for building dynamic, data-driven content such as… (6 comments)